image Believing in universal peace: a utopia?

Believing in universal peace: a utopia?

The world we live in is full of violence. It has become a part of our daily life to read about the constraint of daily life in the communities where we live. Besides, it is not surprising to hear about conflicts and wars of conflicts in many parts of the world. Is peace utopia? Is it still possible to believe in universal peace?

This article will share our findings that it is possible to achieve universal peace by undertaking some courses of action.

Teach people in the community about mutual help

It is primordial that you start by nurturing the value of peace within your own household. Since their early age, children should be taught how to achieve this goal. This could be done by encouraging mutual help inside the family. It is important to make children do their share in the housework. For example, very young children can put their toys back after playing, or they can be trained to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Sooner or later, they will develop a sense of mutual help in them. Promoting mutual help is an opportunity to preserve a peaceful environment in the family. Likewise, community members need to undertake some courses of action together in order to build a peaceful community.

Contribute to the basic needs of the needy

Some people say that poverty can lead to violence. This means, if a community is in absolute poverty, its inhabitants are more likely to be inclined to violence. We have often heard about how dangerous it is to linger near the shantytown at night. In fact, some impoverished people resort to thefts and robbery in order to be able to survive.

As a result, it is crucial that some initiatives are taken. It is necessary to encourage participation in charitable works. Church members, community members, and even students at a school or an institution can create a work unit which will collect donations and share them to the needy on a regular basis. It is also important to teach children about the value of sharing.

Promote cultural diversity and be tolerant

Due to globalization, it is not new to see people from different ethnic groups and races living in the same community nowadays. Each community has their own specific customs, traditions, way of life, and manners. Each ethnic group is characterized by their unique values which may cause a feeling of culture shock for the others. Thus, it is essential to promote cultural diversity through some initiatives. 

  • Celebrating cultural diversity is a good way to encourage different ethnic groups to participate in an event which will focus on unique, specific talent and creativity show. It may include special skills in arts, or in cooking, or other.
  • Through French and Polish Commission, UNESCO organized the first European Conference on Cultural Diversity in 2004 in Poland in order to enhance cultural diversity in the community.

Reach out for more impact

The number of criminals and ill-behaved people including delinquent teens are increasing more and more. It is disheartening to think that even though some of them have spent years in prison, they become more violent. You may think about some rehabilitation centers that are involved in reeducating those people.

Prem Rawat is a peace advocate who makes efforts to impart people with a strong belief in peace. To promote peace in prison, his association which is the Prem Rawat Foundation produces tablets with peace education. By undertaking those courses of actions, peace will no longer be a utopia.