Discover the main Christian pilgrimage places in the world

Discover the main Christian pilgrimage places in the world

To enhance faith in Jesus Christ, it is important to devote much of your time in prayers and bible reading. It is also common to participate in charitable works within the community and for orphan children. Apart from that, going on pilgrimage gives an opportunity to engage ourselves in spiritual development.

The main Christian pilgrimage places in the world

Lourdes, France

The lost popular pilgrimage site in France is located in the Sanctuary of Lourdes which is commonly known as the Domain. It is renowned for the countless wonders and healings thanks to the miraculous stream which is found there. It is an appropriate venue for those suffering from chronic illnesses and ailments.

The Chapel of the Apparitions

This Chapel is based in Fatima, in the North of Lisbon in Portugal, where three children witnessed the apparition of Mary in 1917. On the site, more than ten churches and monuments are located. The hotels and hostels near the pilgrimage place can accommodate thousands of people every year. And after the pilgrimage, it is common to buy some religious souvenirs.

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is situated in Camino de Santiago, Spain. Christians have gone on pilgrimage at this site for centuries. It is a popular site because:

  • It gives Christians an opportunity to justify the biblical truth.
  • It is the burial site of a famous biblical figure, Saint James, who was among Jesus's twelve disciples.
  • You can learn more about the history of the early Apostles by visiting this pilgrimage place.

The Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument  

The 26-Martyrs Museum and Monument is another important pilgrimage place for Christians. It is based in Nagasaki, Japan where 26 Japanese devotees and European priests were executed for their faith for Christ Jesus. The site was built to commemorate their canonization after suffering tragic death on their crosses and chains.

Jasna Göra Monastery

This Monastery is located in Czestochowa, Poland. It represents an important pilgrimage venue for millions of Catholic worshippers from all around the world. In fact, Jasna Göra Monastery has several specificities, which are: 

  • It is the burial place of the Virgin Mary, who is a remarkable religious figure in the life of Christians. 
  • It is the site of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, which is an iconic image revered by many devotees. In fact, the image was made a canonical coronation by Pope Clement XI.

The Shrine of Christ's Passion

This place is one of the hundreds of pilgrimage sites in America. It can be found in the south of Chicago, U.S.A. The site is home to 40 life-sized statues that depict Christ's sufferings and crucification. Pilgrims will be able to live and feel Christ's passion while meditating and praying on the spot.

Why should you opt for those sites?

To reinforce your faith in Christ and to build inner peace as the early Christians did, it is advisable to go on pilgrim to any of the most important Christian places in the world. Prem Rawat, who is an ambassador of peace, has gone on pilgrimage many times in order to enhance mind tranquility and develop spiritually.

Through his foundation, which is known as the Prem Rawat (TPRF) Foundation, he contributes to the spiritual development of those who are in the quest for peace by sharing messages of peace to the world.

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