5 famous people known for their fight for peace

5 famous people known for their fight for peace

Through the History, many people and many leaders have devoted their lives for the good cause of fight for peace. Nevertheless, this is a fight which is normally done without armors or any terrifying weapons. All it needs is achieving inner calmness.

Peaceful fight for peace

1- Dalai-Lama

Precisely, Dalaï-Lama XIV, named Lhamo Dhondup, is one of the fighter of peace known for more than 20 years now. Actually, his fight is to establish democracy.

For his political role, the Dalai-Lama is consecrated to spread democracy and make people in peace with themselves and with others. As usual, the Dalai-Lama is appointed in a lineage. However, to persuade his followers and all Tibetans of the rumor that he will be the last Dalai-Lama, he has to share his knowledge and skills in theology while he's still alive.

In fact, this rumor said that after this Dalai-Lama, Tibetan would lose Tibet and their Dalai-Lama. He is fighting to restore Buddhism and evangelize the world through messages of peace.

2- Martin Luther King

For sure, the famous sentence "I have a dream" has been heard in every corner of the world. During his fight for African American people's rights in early 1960s, he preached this leitmotiv, to convince people that we are the same. His talk was about abolishing segregation.

At that time, black people and white people couldn't attend the same event or dwell at the same place. Black people were considered as of inferior race. His fight for peace was really peaceful: a non-violent protest carried out through rally and boycott of public transport. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 but unfortunately, he was assassinated in 1968.

3- Mother Theresa

Nominated as the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975, her path was not an ordinary one. Belonging to a Congregation, she had taught History and Geography during her first year.

Then, she became the Director. From that moment, she could create her own Congregation called The Missionaries of Charity whose main mission is to help the poor people who were in distress, more precisely those who suffered from physical hurts. By doing that, she is considered as a messenger of peace through her actions for people in need.

4- Malala Yousafzai

She is that famous Pakistani girl who fought for girls' education. She is considered as a messenger of peace because she called for women's right to education in Pakistan. Malala made herself known to the general public at the age of 11. While accompanying her father to a press conference in Peshawar, she denounced the Taliban who destroyed schools and imposed sharia law.

As Prem Rawat who uses YouTube and Conference to spread message of peace, her fight was mainly done via the social network, the media.

5-Nelson Mandela

Before he was South Africa's President, he militated to abolish the "Apartheid", he was imprisoned for 27 years. His imprisonment saved South Africa because he spent his time in jail to think of an efficient strategy to save the country. And when he was released, segregation was abolished.

His fight for peace was aimed to reconcile black and white South African people by recruiting them at the same jobs and establishing football as a national sport. Like Prem Rawat, he tried to unite people in his country and he managed to do so. "Peace begins with smile", said Mother Theresa. A content heart is the best material to build peace without harm.

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